Valeria Graunke


I am the founder of School Link Shuttle services. While working at a nursery school in 2003 as the secretary, I noticed a huge demand for a reliable and safe school transport service. Now operating 6 buses of my own with 10 staff members – the team helps 147 families daily with their children transport to and from school. School link was the first shuttle service of its kind and started a new service and opportunity for others by franchising the business.

Main Schools I services:

Broadacres Farm Nursery School, Buckets and Books, Buttercup Nursery School, Chartwell house, Crawford College Fourways, Crawford College Lonehill, Lonehill Academy, Land Of Oz Chartwell, Singing Forest, Unity College,


Simon and Pauline

Simon and Pauline


Johanna and Lordwick

Collen and Nomsa


Elliott and Virginia

Contact Us:

Cell: 0823387147