Franchise Opportunities 

Are you looking for ways to take control of your income? Maybe you wish to become your own boss? Well at school link we offer you the opportunity to join us in becoming a franchisee. This means you run your own business under The umbrella of the longest most trusted children’s school shuttle service in Gauteng. 

Here is more about what to expect when owning a franchise. 

School link has the opportunity for you to work and earn an income from home and still have lots of freedom to go about living your life. We believe that work with out time to enjoy life is not much of a dream to have. 

Dealing with Phone calls and email Enquiries is the main pain in this game. It is of the it most importance that responses are sent as soon as possible. This is because over the 17 years of experience, we have noticed most people contact us in a time of urgency. We at school link hold customer service and safety of our clients with the highest importance. A team is only as strong as its weakest member and once part of the team you will be helped and supported to bring you up to speed with the next but, it is your business, your responsibility and your income at the end of the day. 

Valeria Graunke is the founder and has worked hard providing not only her clients with amazing support and service but also ensuring that her team of franchisees are happy and getting the best of the team experience. She offers staff training and route examinations for the newer team members. This is so that you don’t take those long stretchs out of desperation. Efficiency is key to running a successful franchise and we at school link give you the guidelines to get it right. 

A full business plan is available for you to read at the link below

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For the application for a franchise please follow the link below to see how to join

Becoming a franchisee.